Mafia Kingpin makesThe Godfather 
look like a kindergarten story.
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Sonny's childhood on the farm was the only time he really felt free.
Sonny used proceeds from his early crimes to buy his mother a house.
Sonny returned to the U.S. a trained assassin after eliminating Communist terrorist financiers leaders in Europe.
At the height of his financial swindles, Sonny surrounded himself with bodyguards.
The Mafia Kingpin thought he was invincible.
He got indicted, but Sonny conned the government by claiming he did the crimes they had against the families.
The government came down hard and sentenced Sonny Gibson to life.
Sony turned his life around and studied acting. He started a masque theater workshop to help others express rage.
Sonny's life story, written by Reparata Mazzola, became a best selling book.
Sonny uses his life as an example to show youth what can happen to them if they lead a life of crime.
He tells gang kids if he can change, anyone can change.
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